About Us

We pride ourselves on providing superior service. Our skilled and experienced electricians ensure to provide you quick, no-mess, reliable service in any situation.

Our customers are a priority, so our team will take the time to find out exactly what you want and efficient and innovative solutions that will attain optimum results whilst reducing costs.

Having several years of extensive experience, we complete all kinds of electrical work, be that residential, industrial or commercial applications.

‘A.K.Electric’ is a licensed electrical services provider. It furnishes its services to residential, commercial as well as Industrial areas. We always knock ourselves out to conduct the company’s affairs with sincerity and integrity. With respect to its establishment ‘A.K Electricals’ is a young company but on the ground of its skill it is too experienced.

Our professionals need to have ‘A-grade electrical license’ to ensure you a secured and safe service. We cultivate the right relationship with our customers so that the customer’s requirements from small to large can be met candidly and effectively. All our services are insured with public liability insurance with AAMI. Our aim is to provide cost-effective electrical solution & to deliver invariable above average service. Attention to quality is not restricted to our services only, but to all spheres of our activities. We are not satisfied with our past accomplishment but always break our necks for higher and better performance every time.

Why Choose Us

  • On time guarantee
  • Up front pricing
  • No mess guarantee
  • 12 month warranty
  • Quality service
  • Fixed Pricing
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Friendly, helpful service & advise

Specials We Provide

  • Always on time or you get $50 cash back.
  • Obligation Free Quote
  • No call out fee
  • Supplied and installed downlights for $60 (limited offer)
  • A/C split system complete installtion starting from $600


Switches - (single pole, standard toggle) Each Switch Added $ 60.00

Switches - (3-way or 4-way, standard toggle) Each $ 85.00

Switches Converted - from "single operation" to "3-way system" Each $ 80.00

Switches Replaced - replacement of an existing switch (3-way or decora add $5) Each $22.00

Switch Bank Expansion - (existing switch or switches converted to multi-gang) $55.00 ea.

Powerpoints - (exterior gpos add $40) Each $ 80.00

Powerpoints - Quad - with standard devices Each $ 100.00

Powerpoints - DEDICATED CIRCUIT - 20 amp (with standard devices) Each $ 150.00

Powerpoints Replaced - replacement of an existing standard gpo Each $30.00

Powerpoints Replaced - replacement of an existing exterior Each $50.00

Special Cuts Made - for switches/powerpoints in cabinet, panelling, tile, etc. (approx.) Each $65.00

Switch & powerpoint wall plates - (single gang, maxi, medal, ivory, or white) Each $4.50

Relocation of a switch, light, telephone / tv point, powerpoint etc. (approx.) Each $ 80.00

Required Wiring Splices - accessible junction box (15 or 20 amp) Each $ 70.00

Lighting Fixture Outlet - (rough-in only & with wiring access) Each $ 70.00

Lighting Fixture Installation - (surface type no assembly required) Each $ 40.00

Lighting Fixture Installation - (with .5 hrs of assembly required) Each $ 40.00

Exterior lights installed $50

Downlights supplied & installed (with existing wiring, replacing existing) Each $30

Downlights supplied & installed, including rough in – Each $60

All LED Downlights - Add $30

Power Supply Circuits, Appliance Circuits - ( 15A & 20A ) Each $ 150.00

Power Supply Circuits, Heavy Circuits -( 30A & 50A ) Each $250.00

Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed to an existing outlet Each $ 100.00

Ceiling Fan Installation - with existing light replaced for proper support, Each $130.00

Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed with new wiring , Each $150

Ceiling Fan Accessories - extension rod, light fixture, wall control, etc. Additional $ 30.00

Recessed Fixtures - (standard size, open ceiling, trim and lamp not included) Each $80.00

Recessed Fixtures - (non-standard size - open ceiling, trim and lamp not included) approx. 120

Under Cabinet Fixtures - slimline fluorescents (12", 18" or 24") Each $100

4FT Fluorescent Fixtures - with wrap-around covers Each $120

2X4 Fluorescent Fixture - includes fixture, lamps & wiring (2x2 add $20.00) Each $ 100

2X4 Fluorescent Fixture - relocated & reconnected to the same circuit Each $50.00

Exit Sign - L.E.D. with battery backup (with wiring access) Each $150.00

Replace Exit Sign (approx) Each $180

Emergency Lighting Unit - Each $150.00

Emergency Lighting supplied & installed - powered from emergency lighting unit Each $ 200.00

Exhaust fan supplied & installed (ductwork not included) Each $140


Telephone Outlet - Cat-6 (no Jack Included) Each $ 80.00

TV point (No Splitters or Jacks Included) Each $ 80.00

Circuit Breakers - added to existing panel, interchangeable type. Each $ 30.00

A/C Split System Installation (not including plumbing) Each $200

A/C Split System Installation Complete (approx) Each $600

Electrical Demolition - includes all work in dealing with the existing wiring Per Hour $80.00

Switch board upgrade (approx) Each $500

Switch board installation (approx) Each $700

RCD (safety devices supplied & installed Each $80

New Service Upgrade SEE OUR WEB PAGE

Special Electrical Installations not listed above PER HOUR $80.00

Permit & Inspection Fees approx. (License Fee Not Included) $175.00

Smoke Detectors installed, interconnected with battery back-up Each $120

Electrical Trouble-Shooting, Circuit Diagnostics PER HOUR $80.00

Safety Checks PER HOUR $80

House rewiring call for a free quote

NOTE : No job is the same. The above prices are just listed as a guide to give you a basic understanding of how much the job could cost. Fixed pricing will be provided upon sight of job.